waiting !!

Saturday was alright this weekend~ Went to my niece's 4th birthday party. OF course, knowing me, I went to the mall with my BF right before the party to get her presents. It was actually a pretty normal little kid's party compared to the normal 4 AM gambling parties my brother throws ha ha.

I stopped by the Art Museum to check out my art piece that was featured in a show there~ ou la la~

Then I went to the Natick mall to get my stupid ipod touch fixed ~~ they said they would fix it for free but i would have to wait for them to call on Sunday or Monday until the part was shipped in. of course, it's tuesday and still no call !

I also gotthe Maybelline "pinch o pinch" that fuz had in a cheap look because I decided, hey why not. Buttt~~ i didn't notice the item contains TALC.... so i won't be using it -_- .... crap broke me out !!!

Anddd I ordered some Skinfood BB Cream so I hope hope it comes soon because i wanna try it outt~~ MY first BB cream ha ha. I have a feeling they will start becoming an obsession of mine ~~

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  1. Hey doll

    is that the Museum of fine Arts???? i live in BOSTON TOOO!!! gahhhhh!!! always so odd to meet a fellow blogger from the same city...i wanna know your QUAMS with this turd of a town...and can we sayyyy goodbye to this shitactious weather already!!!...so sick of it...where in boston do you live???