Sooo this weekend started off HORRIBLE. I can't say much more except for the fact that I'm sick of races sticking to their little cults. "Sorry, You are not Vietnamese so we will be mean to you, ignore you, and talk shit about you because you CAN'T understand us." COOL. Really!

OR this exact sentence from my "friend" while talking about my boyfriend.
Me: Yeah, John has dated a Viet girl before
J: What happened to HER?

The hardships of being multi-racial. You will never fit in anywhere. Asians will call you white. White people will call you a chink. Wooooo. I love life !!

I'm so pissed off lately. I'm just getting really sick of my mom's bullshit. She expects things from me that shouldn't be expected of anyone's CHILD (Ex. Paying rent when you are in Highschool) but that just comes with this crazy woman !

So my boyfriend took the day off from work and brought me to to Wrentham Outlets after this ocassion to cheer me up. I was really upset after the fact.. And he bought me a purse .. What a sweet guy haha! I love him~~ Right now I am regreting not getting makeup at the CCO. There was an item I actually really liked! Oh well.. It's alright~!! The deals at these places are so good!! A purse over 100$ for 40$ ? Uhm. Yes !

PS: Does anyone know how I can get these little emoticons to stay within the text rather than starting on a new line each time?

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  1. Aw what a cute bag! :D Wow I don't even know how to get those emoticons.. haha