Feels like it's been F O R E V E R

Ha ha. Wow! I wrote a super long post the other day& clicked the "save now" button.
Somehow in my cracked out mind I thought it would actually be there when I came back a few days later..... ha ha ha ha WOW...
So now I am too lazy to re-write the whole entry.

I have been EXTREMELY busy lately!!
I don't even have time to hang out with my friends anymore.
I feel so out of contact with everyone I know!
It sucks. (Not having a cell phone probably doesn't help either... )

On top of being a full time nursing student I was thinking like,
"hey i don't want to wait 3 more yrs for a good job.... i'll start nail school!!"
So now I also do that It's not that hard honestly! It's just that I need the supplies such as rhinestones and colored acrylic powders ^.^

I spent my whole spring break everyday at the salon practicing
It was fun but seemed like not a break at all...
I did go to Flushing, NYC for a night!
It was great!! I had a lot of soju and noraebang ha ha ... of course..
I bought a lot of stuff... my most fav purchase is the laneige skin set..

It was kinda expensive but WELL worth it~~
Not bad tho... $112 for all that and it lasts you for about a year!!

Ahh~~ I saw this meme (is that what it's called?) from Shirley's blog!
I wanted to to it to add some picture to my post..
Since my cell phone has been broken I do not have a digi-cam at all!
I used my cell phone to take ALL the photos for this blog.. sighhh...

The rules are
1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your photos

2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder

3. Explain the picture
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

OK so....

This is a picture from 5/29/2009. That's almost a year ago!
I went to the cheesecake factory that night with my best friends.
It was the first time they had ever been there!
I had a lot of fun~~
I look like a crazy person in the picture...
that peice of odd hair in my bangs is bugging me !!
I don't remember much of that night...
That must indicate it was really fun night ha ha!!

HELLO to my new followers!
I really appreciate that!!

Take care& Be well

With love, Nana*♥