10 days to go

10 days to go .... until I move to Alabama! Ahh!

I feel like it definitely has not hit me yet.
I have probably been too busy being a work-a-holic!
I think once I go down there and I realize that everything is different...
No H-mart.... No Dunkin Donuts... O__O... No karaoke!! whattt

In the mean time I have been "preparing" by buying useless things...

such as.. THIS PIGGIE BANK!..
But isnt it so cute ^0^??
I actually contains over 30$ of change! woo hoo~~

I had an AWESOMEEE bday! I went to Minado~~
If you live in NYC / MA area... you will know this place..
It's a bit expensive but well worth it ^ ^

Everyone was teasing me because I was laughing and giggling so much~~
But with the crew I roll with... it's like constantly being in The Hangover or one of those funny movies

I wish I had taken pictures but we were all too caught up in the moment!

Take care until Next time!!
With love, Nana*♥


Bad Luck Summer '10

So where have I been? Having BAD LUCK!! I can't even tell you guys how much it has come my way this summer... it seems like a joke

Let's start off where we ended... I finished up nail school, finished up the 2nd semester of my 1st yr in college, got a job at a nail salon (which is closing now... but we will get to that later) in a pretty damn rich area around here! Yes, yes. I live in a rich area also (for those of you who know) where I see BMWS, Acura, blah blah blah everyday. Those are just normal cars here. Where I work... I see hooked up Porsches everyday xD

Bad luck #1.) With my new job I decided YESSS! I will get the phone I wanted and waited for. What did I do with that phone? I dropped it into a pedicure chair... lmao... -__-
Bad luck #2.) I had to wait 2 weeks for that phone because they didn't even have it in stock in the stores or online stores -__-

Bad luck #3.) I fell down (ok I tripped over myself) skidded across the cement... my hand was tore down into the muscle n gushing, my knees and arms were bleeding.... it SUCKED. I still haven't fully recovered.

Bad luck #4.)I don't know why, that same day I bought a bunch of scratch tickets (wtf... why did i even buy that -__-) and lost $40 .... EVERY SINGLE ONE.... the same day !!!!

Bad luck #5.) My beautiful $1500 laptop broke !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad luck #6.) The nail salon I work at is now CLOSING in August

Bad luck #7.) I am moving to Alabama !!!!!!!!! WTF...

Bad luck #8.) I can't go on a vacation I have been planning and telling NUMEROUS people about because of that...

Ahhh but atleast I have my pretty eyelashes to look at!
Both pictures have NO EYE MAKEUP WHAT SO EVER!
Here's a before:

( *poits up* yes yes....i know its ugly.... no need to comment on that xD....)


No no, this is not some sort of amazing eyeliner and mascara that I have discovered xD~~
I got eyelash extensions from my boss hieu~~ shes super nice and treats me like family !! I love this lady !!