vacation week

This picture sums up my whole vacation...My love who is secretly a fatty with his huge plate of food LOL. This picture makes me laugh so I had to put it up for my sake~

Honestly I never do anything too productive on my vactions anymore! I just stay around the house, go shopping, go online, watch TV. Pretty much just Relax.. But it feels so good to do nothing

John has had the past two days off also because he finished taking blood~ yay! But he is boring like me so we just cook and watch movies~ lol! When I was at twin's market I saw a flavor of hi-chew i never saw! So i had to get it... It was the last one too.. so maybe it's so good everyone buys it

yummy peach apricot flavour

I finally finished fixing my blog. So hopefully the comments are working now. I seem to have such bad luck with things! My youtube comments dont work, my blogger comments don't work. I also don't think my camera can be fixed. Less than a year old too My brother got the SD card that was stuck inside out by taking it apart but he said somethin is wrong so if I put another SD card in it will just get stuck!Lately I was craving a smoothie and there is no smoothie place here~ Only orange julius but it's in a crappy mall kinda far and not worth going to.. I wish they had Jamba Juice on the east coast wahh... But an avacado boba made up for it even thou its so cold here


video blog

ughhh and my blog is messed up by the way... i guess people can't comment, i'll have to get on fixing that tomorrow -__-