Daily Routine + REVIEW + EASY Bulgogi Recipe

So for all you ladies, here is my daily makeup routine. People are always complimenting that I have big eyes, half of it is that, I kind of do have big eyes, and the other half (of course!) is makeup! Check out daily routine.. !! (Ha ha... sorry my hair is wet in 75% of these photos!)

Start with a clean face! Wash, moisturize, and time to add foundation.


I first apply Skin Food Aloe BB cream in 1 (it's wayyyy to white for me!)
I then apply a small amount of Neutrogena Healthy Skin in Natural Beige for color.
My skin is farrr too dry for powders in the winter season!

NYX concealer in jar - beige

Wet n' Wild Kohl Brow - Eyeliner

Next comes the EYES:
the item in question is Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black
I have bought this before, I saw it in a japanese magazine and thought hey, why not?
It worked very well. I switched for awhile (who knows why) and now I am back!
I line my UPPER eyelid with this.

Lower water line with MUFF Aqua Eyes OL

Shade lower lashline with 4th color of Revlon Colorstay Copper Spice Quad

Lancome Courbe Virtouse


Maybelline Mineral Power - True peach

TA DA !!

My final every day look~~ not too special but you can deffenatly see that makeup helps make your eyes look BRIGHT, BIG, and CUTE ^ ^

NOW... does Revlon Color stay Liquid liner hold up??

Let's see...

Revlon Color stay after 7 hours! No smudging, no flaking, no fading!
Honestly, this is one of my fav. liquid liners of all time!
Pick it up if you have a chance ^ ^

BTW, yes.... brown is my natural eye color!!

  • about 1 LBS thinly sliced beef (buy pre-sliced at korean market! i used around .6 LBS)
  • 1 small onion or 1/2 of a large onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 or 2 scallions
  • 2 TBS soy sauce
  • 1 TBS sesame seed oil
  • 1 TBS sugar
  1. Chop up garlic, slice onion into long thin slices, cut up green onions
add all the ingredients into a bowl and let marinade for ATLEAST 30 minutes, the longer the better!

3. use a grill for bulgogi or heat up a pan on high before cooking so it gets that grilled effect! Place the beef flat on the pan, let it cook halfway through, flip them, cook the other side. Ta-da! Finish ^ ^

YAY! that's how you make some easy bulgogi. Simple huh??


Haircut& DJ HERO =P




ha ha i'm wearing my bf's shirt from when he was staff at the D1 drifting whatever..

I GOT A HAIR CUT! My split ends were like death after dying, straight perms, and countless times being blow-dried and straightened. I hate hate hate split ends, my hair was so long during the summer time but it was practically falling off after my straight perm!

My hair dresser actually gave me exactly what I wanted this time& I loved it ♥ But she kept complaining how I need to find the ultimate leave in conditioner and allll this stuff, so hopefully I will have some upcoming reviews on those

Finally got three items I wanted:
H&M - Leopard print beret - 8/9$?
XX1 - Quilted style coat - 30$
DJ Hero special edition - 200$

It comes in this cool case that holds everything and actually folds out into that table above!

It's actually really fun! I used to be a video game freak but in recent days I ain't feeling it too much. I pretty much just play Mario Cart xD

This movie was completely stupid; I have actually had paranormal experiences and this movie was shit to me, I couldn't enjoy it over the crowd of teenie boppers screaming and talking throughout the movie, and the camera was so shakey I felt completely nauseous after the film.

Me with my best friends Jing Mei and Brandi

I am SO SO SO excited to hang out with my best friend this weekend (hopefully) Isn't it weird that I haven't seen one of my best friends since we graduated high school? It's a long story but basically her parents think I am a bad influence because we got arrested together awhile back... and I mean AWHILE.....

I hate saying the whole "best friend" thing because I have two extremely close friends, it's just that me and JING MEI as I like to call her have way too much in common.

We both: are half asian& white, both of our brothers and fathers have the same birthdays, we moved to massachusetts from better places in the same year, everyone (including our families) thinks that we look like sisters, we have the same worries and problems, we like the same things.... and the list goes on! But anyways. YAY ^___^

I think I am going to go grab a warm delicious cup of coffee.
TAKE care folks~


HMART goodnes =P

Ladies! Fall is here, crisp air, crisp leaves... and CRISPY FRIED HAIR.... lol I need a hair cut for real... Need the ends trimmed up a bit. I can never really reduce the damage to my hair it seems. I use a heat protector but I'm sure the cheap piece of shit doesn't really work~~

I love just going for a fall ride, out to see the leaves!! I wanna make a trip up to NH or Maine for some warmmmm seafood soup or something!! Maybe I'll finally have the time this weekend =P

I thought I would TRY OUT these instant coffees from starbucks, still haven't tried it... I'll have to get back to you guys on that one. Instant coffeee is really never that great though... except for this one viet one that is just the shitt xD

My new favorite grocery store in the WORLD opened up in Burlington, MA. It's pretty damn awesome. Tons of food, cheap prices... All you see below and more for around 100$

-Green Tea icecream
-Seafood mixture
-FISHIE icecreams♥♥♥

-Metal chopsticks
-HUGE asian apple/pear or whatever
-Radish kimchi
-Gatsby hair rubber
-Gatsby face wash
-Shiseido Hadasui mist

PLUS..... pre-cut pork belly, beef ribs for galbi, basically cut up pocky in a jar snack, some coffes, and two korean stone pots... FOR 100 dollars??

Damn, I don't know about you but that's a fuckin deaaaalll...

You know I can't live without my kimchi chigae in this cold weather.
I swear to god I have eating it atleast 4 days out of the week xD

take care ladies, enjoy the long weekend!!


What's gooood!

HELLO BLOGGER WORLD!! It's been too long.

I don't even KNOW where to start!

I am sooo flattered for people actually following my blog!! Hello ladies, what's goooood??

I went to DISNEY WORLD in August. The place itself was nice, the weather was DISGUSTING. That made the whole trip unbearable. I've honestly been too lazy to resize pictures to this day... ha ha ha.... NO I'M NOT LAZY... I'm busy!!

I have made soooooo many purchases in the past 2 months that I wouldn't even be able to post them up ha ha.

I will do future posts/reviews on:
MUFE Aqua Eyes
TONS of false eyelashes
Olay classic beauty fluid
Maybelline color sensational lippie
pulse perfection mascara
and alllll the other shit I can't even remember due to my dead brain cells...

I got a new cell phone with AT&T. The service is great, the phone is great... I LOVE IT!! I got the Sony Ericsson C905. It's loaded with a 8.1 megapixel camera. That's the main reason I got the phone && I'm incredibly impressed by it! All my photos in this post are taken with the camera. Obviously they're blurry due to blogger... I was amazed though !! I was like damn... you can see my mustache hair with that shit ha ha ha.

My new baby (not pink, but silver).... I wanted a blackberry but being a poor college student, I wouldn't be able to afford the extra 30 for the blackberry features xD.... this was the only non-smart phone that appealed to me T.T
This AMAZING cover makes my phone look completely pink though. I LOVE IT... I bought a bunch of swarovski crystals in pink && white to deco my phone!! I will have to get my ass on that..


Hell yeah !!
This shit makes my room smell DELICIOUS 24/7

I dyed my hair a medium brown...Thanks to my favorite japanese store closing I couldn't get my palty dye T.T.... I opted for this!!

It worked okay. I ended up leaving it in WAY longer than the recomended time... My hair ended up the same color as the box. I was hoping for a little lighter but hey, that's what you get with white people hair dye ha ha ha... Maybe I'll go a little lighter in a few weeks... Overall I give this hair dye a 4 out of 5!!

AND after looking at the delicioussssss post by pink on twitter, i knew I had to make these babies. They were like little mutiple orgasms in my mouth.... Haha... okay maybe something ELSE was telling my brain they were THAT good... but seriously... they were good !!
haha... you can't even see the pork in my taco !! it's totally loaded up on kimchi... i love that shit =P

Oh man, college keeps me busy. I'm juggling 5 classes, some consider it 6 including my Anatomy& Physiology lab.... I am proud to admit that all my grade averages are above 90 percent... wo0oo0o00oo... so don't hate me for never posting !! I'm hauling ass in school.

I miss this blogging world !!
Cya soon ladies... <333333


month of JULY post !

(me & my Boyfriend)
I quickly sketched this picture this morning! I love doing QUICK messy drawings with pen ! It kind of sucks if you mess up though because there is no erasing~~I feel so guilty hating drawing when It's actually a talent someone should be proud of. People always tell me if they could draw like me they would be sitting around drawing all day -__-

I got new glasses. AWHILLEEE AGO. Maybe late June? But, I am a lazy ass poster !

I really like them ! I originally was going to just get my old D&G glasses but in black instead of brown? But they don't sell them anymore.. So these were literally the ONLY ones that looked just like them... except a lil bigger. Which was GREAT because I felt like my old ones were a lil too small =D

The only thing I have to complain about is that people literally STARE at the side of my face like I am some rich ass bitch??

DUDE, these glasses cost as much as any other brand, honestly. The frames were only around 200-300$

I'm sorry but that's not EXPENSIVE for something that's on your face 24/7

Time is FLYINGGG by so fast. It seems like I just got out of school in May. Now it's AUGUST? Disney world trip on the 16th? Then 2 weeks until SCHOOL? I am NOT prepared for college ha ha ha. It seems easy enough for me. I'm only taking English& Science classes. I suck so bad at english though.. I have never done well. My grammar is SHIT. People often say their first year of college is easier than the last year of highschool (at the school i graduated from)... Let's hope that's true??

Among things. My 18th birthday past. I am such a baby!! I always feel so weird when I think of my age because all my friends are 21+ ?? Ha ha... I forget my age sometimes -__-

For me this was an age I was looking forward to. A clean record (LOL), more opportunities, more respect (possibly?)

ME and my BF got sushi for my B-DAY. This was some mix-platter.

Some sort of "boston roll" that the resteraunt served? It was pretty good! Salmon, Tuna, && Avocado with a spicy sauce.

My auntie randomly gave me this as a gift .. I think it's cute! It reminds me of kind of... country style?? Which reminds me of her !! Because she is a very country-style lady.. Her house looks like one of those perfect farmhouse-magazine-white peoeple houses.. Hahahaha..

Lately I have been going to the beach A LOT. This thing saves my life !! The salt water feels so gross and I just love having a refreshing spray ^ ^

I also use this as a finishing spray for makeup. Especially if I am using any type of powder makeup, it's a nice way to set it all into place ! I got this awhile ago, can't exactly remember where? I believe it's around 10$

Around my birthday I went to Cheesecake factory Also.. FUCKING delicious. Ha ha ha I love the cheesecake there. The food is OK. But the cheesecake is bomb diggity. While I was @ the Natick mall. I figured I would stop by and make a purchase !

yeah. look at my dirty fingerprints.....

Nars blush in ANGELIKA (SP)It's so cuteee. I picked it up because I wanted one of those light pink blushes that japanese girls seem to wear. I love love the sparkles. It's an adorable color. Obviously lasts long..

My only downside is..

TALC. You think if you were going to spend 25$ on a blush they might have better ingredients? I was surprised when I looked at the ingredients later on -__- I mean, you can buy a drugstore brand with the same shit for 5$? It's still so cute though ha ha ha..

&& Since it was close to my BDAY..

A gift from sephora. I actually really like these lippies. They're sheer, not sticky, but still thick. && that's how I like my glosses ! When it feels like its gunna stick good, but doesn't feel sticky, make sense??

I really lovee the middle one, Rose Glow. I might even have to buy another.

and last but not LEAST. I finally got my license.
The trooper told me she was kinda of just "giving" it to me... BUT HEY!
I GOT MY LICENSE !! ahaha..
Better late than never ~~

I hope I get the REAL copy soon because I need it to go to Florida in 2 weeks -__-


lifee + NYX Haul

Ahhh, I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged. I always read other people's blogs but I completely neglect my own =(

It's okay because my life is pretty boring ha ha ha.

Since my last post I have GRADUATED! from apparently one of the "best" public schools in MA.
hahahaha... this is literally one of the ONLY pics of me with my cap/gown because my school made us return them before we left where everyone had the cameras !! kind of ridiculous since we paid 100$ to rent them and couldn't even have our families take pictures -_-....

&& got all my top 3 favourite and lovely flowers from my boyfriend, best friend, and my brother!

Light pink roses from the BF, my absolute favourite
although my fav. is tiger lilies these were still so beautiful ^ ^



Amazing Concealer

So up until i got the NYX concealer pot, Amazing Concealer was my shit. Standing at $42 it works pretty damn good but it's veryyy thick. It does cover up all blemishes but makes you feel a little cakey. But whatever, it works.

NOW NYX CONCEALER POT? I love it even MORE. It does the same job as far as coverage goes. It's light. It's CHEAP ($5) It's perfect. Ha ha.

Lipstick in Tea Rose & Pumpkin pie. I LOVE the tea rose! It's such a cute pink color.
Pumpkin pie is a coral nude color~~

Lip glosses in Baby pink, cafe late, and natural pinky~ All super cute ^ ^

I also got the NYX green concealer stick ($5) It works just as good as the pot concealer but I think for the green it's more convenient to get the stick so I can just dab it on my blemishes and apply concealer over it ^ ^

Surprisingly good quality too for such a cheap price!
I really like these NYX products

Until next time darlings~ Peace ^.^ V &Take care