waiting !!

Saturday was alright this weekend~ Went to my niece's 4th birthday party. OF course, knowing me, I went to the mall with my BF right before the party to get her presents. It was actually a pretty normal little kid's party compared to the normal 4 AM gambling parties my brother throws ha ha.

I stopped by the Art Museum to check out my art piece that was featured in a show there~ ou la la~

Then I went to the Natick mall to get my stupid ipod touch fixed ~~ they said they would fix it for free but i would have to wait for them to call on Sunday or Monday until the part was shipped in. of course, it's tuesday and still no call !

I also gotthe Maybelline "pinch o pinch" that fuz had in a cheap look because I decided, hey why not. Buttt~~ i didn't notice the item contains TALC.... so i won't be using it -_- .... crap broke me out !!!

Anddd I ordered some Skinfood BB Cream so I hope hope it comes soon because i wanna try it outt~~ MY first BB cream ha ha. I have a feeling they will start becoming an obsession of mine ~~



Sooo this weekend started off HORRIBLE. I can't say much more except for the fact that I'm sick of races sticking to their little cults. "Sorry, You are not Vietnamese so we will be mean to you, ignore you, and talk shit about you because you CAN'T understand us." COOL. Really!

OR this exact sentence from my "friend" while talking about my boyfriend.
Me: Yeah, John has dated a Viet girl before
J: What happened to HER?

The hardships of being multi-racial. You will never fit in anywhere. Asians will call you white. White people will call you a chink. Wooooo. I love life !!

I'm so pissed off lately. I'm just getting really sick of my mom's bullshit. She expects things from me that shouldn't be expected of anyone's CHILD (Ex. Paying rent when you are in Highschool) but that just comes with this crazy woman !

So my boyfriend took the day off from work and brought me to to Wrentham Outlets after this ocassion to cheer me up. I was really upset after the fact.. And he bought me a purse .. What a sweet guy haha! I love him~~ Right now I am regreting not getting makeup at the CCO. There was an item I actually really liked! Oh well.. It's alright~!! The deals at these places are so good!! A purse over 100$ for 40$ ? Uhm. Yes !

PS: Does anyone know how I can get these little emoticons to stay within the text rather than starting on a new line each time?


short blurb

ugh, i hate the new pupe event. why can't i just buy the stuff for myself... wahh... now i won't be able to get any of the cute items! oh well... i'm starting to get sick of this website. it's really addicting and the events are getting ridiculous... i secretly admit i also have spent 10$ all together on this site with real money... disgusting

today is the reception for the art show my art peice got into but... i'm not going to go. i really don't feel like it and art doesn't matter to me anymore.



Hello everyone ^ ^ I have been soooo unbelievably busy lately. It's horrible. School is torture at the moment. We have school on Saturdays now, so that completely ruins a normal weekend. Then starting at the end of the month are school days will be extended an hour... ... It Sounds stupid but I even missed out on the 2nd anniversary of pupe ... .. What I have seen from people's items everything was really cute~

Isn't my Hachi so cutee?? His hair is getting so long~ and I noticed it's changing colors again. It's weird to have a Lhasa Apso because they change colors.. When he was a baby puppy he was dark brown and black... Now he's golden tan colors... And if you look at the roots of the fur in some of the spots... he's turning white !! So my once dark brown puppy is going to be a white puppy... so weird

Also everything is breaking on me these days! My new Ipod Touch doesn't work anymore.. I just got it !! The touch screen is frozen.. My cute pink sony cybershot is broken too, less than a year old!! MY sister's friend stole my old canon camera!! ARGGG.

I finished all my college stuff completely as well as my boyfriends because he's going back to school again~ It should be intresting. Me, him, and our friend Johnson is all going to the same college, it should be fun~ Sometimes I wish I sticked to wanting to be a chef because I would have went to Johnson&Wales and all my friends are going there.. Oh well~
Have you ever had this? Called Buta no Kakuni. It's really yummy but takes forever to cook~ I would say 3 or 4 hours if you cook it fast... but It should take longer! The process is so long because you want to take out as much as the fat as possible so you have to cool it and take out solidified fat! Takes so long hehe..