New Kawaii Items ♥ ♥


Hi everyone♥
How are things?
I've been super busy with school~
I've loaded myself up with hard classes: Anatomy II, Physiology II, Microbiology, Human Growth& Development, & ENG 102 ~~
Ahhhh... Lab classes take up so much time!
And my schedule is
I have class everyday T___T

Hmmmmm....??? Well what to say??
Let's see.... !!

Happy LATE (extremely) Valetines Day& CNY!!
Did you guys get red pocket?
I didn't~~ sigghhh!! too old for things like that
But I did get a lovely lovely gift from
someone ♥

The Lizzie Necklace from Swarovski

I completely love that people always know what to get me because they know me so well!
I always have people come up to me and say, "Oh I saw this or that& it was SO you"
& what is "so me" ? Anything PINK& SPARKLY of course!

So one day at school someone threw this pink blob at my head -__-
Then I realized it was a SUPER CUTE piggy stress ball!!
I had to take him home~~
Isn't he super cute?

NEW Cell Phone Charms:

Hehe~~ I got this KON cell charm / key chain
There was a closing sale @ some movie store and I got him for only maybe around 1USD~~!!
He is from an anime called BLEACH
I don't really watch anime but I used to forced by my male friends to watch this..
I just think KON is so cute and I love his personality~
I am going to use it on my key chain!

Hopefully using this is not an invitation for otaku/anime freak to
come and bother me...

ALSO! i got this extremely cute donut cell phone charm...
& the best thing about it is that...
its scented CHOCOLATE& STRAWBERRY on the diff. sides

Thanks so much for reading my blog peoples ~~
Take care& Be well

With love, Nana*♥