New Years Resolution.

I feel like I haven't been here in awhile. Sometimes I don't even check up on the blogs I am following. I miss this place! You will be seeing me soon my loves...!!

Start of my year has already had sooo many doubts! I will pay no mind. I will keep walking my silly ass down the street with my big smile ^_^.


Post - Valentines - Day!

Valentines day.
Singles awareness day.
Listen to everyone bitch and moan about their lifex10 and 
want to punch yourself in the face day?

This was actually my first single/ non-dating Valentines day in 5 years?
(seems like eternity since i'm only 20 ha ha ha)
It was really strange for me actually!! I always make a big deal of this day because....
I love valentines day!!
Not because you get presents and to feel *extra* special or anything...

Pink is my FAVOURITEEEEE color!
Pink pink pink cute cute cute heart heart heart EVERYTHING.

(excuse all le shitty pictures... i really need to find my camera charger -__- )

post valentines TARGET sales :
( all 50% off... yay~)
  • cup cake socks
  • heart shaped donut pan
  • heart shaped cookie cutters
  • glitter heart shaped salad plates
  • glitter heart shaped bowls
  • flat eyeliner brush
  • (2) L'oreal HIP eyeshadows in DASHING& SHOWY 

Valentines day inspired nails:
I did these for some clients around V-Day~
Super cute !!

Hope everyone had an awesome week~!!