short blurb

ugh, i hate the new pupe event. why can't i just buy the stuff for myself... wahh... now i won't be able to get any of the cute items! oh well... i'm starting to get sick of this website. it's really addicting and the events are getting ridiculous... i secretly admit i also have spent 10$ all together on this site with real money... disgusting

today is the reception for the art show my art peice got into but... i'm not going to go. i really don't feel like it and art doesn't matter to me anymore.


  1. You can get the stuff for yourself! ^^

  2. I just added you at poupée. I don't play poupée much though. Unlike most other people, I don't find it very much fun or addictive :P It might partly be because I don't really know how the whole thing works yet :p Hahaha!

    But, WHAT ART PIECE??? :O! I didn't really care about art much before either, nbut now I'm slowly starting to see this new world! haha.