What's gooood!

HELLO BLOGGER WORLD!! It's been too long.

I don't even KNOW where to start!

I am sooo flattered for people actually following my blog!! Hello ladies, what's goooood??

I went to DISNEY WORLD in August. The place itself was nice, the weather was DISGUSTING. That made the whole trip unbearable. I've honestly been too lazy to resize pictures to this day... ha ha ha.... NO I'M NOT LAZY... I'm busy!!

I have made soooooo many purchases in the past 2 months that I wouldn't even be able to post them up ha ha.

I will do future posts/reviews on:
MUFE Aqua Eyes
TONS of false eyelashes
Olay classic beauty fluid
Maybelline color sensational lippie
pulse perfection mascara
and alllll the other shit I can't even remember due to my dead brain cells...

I got a new cell phone with AT&T. The service is great, the phone is great... I LOVE IT!! I got the Sony Ericsson C905. It's loaded with a 8.1 megapixel camera. That's the main reason I got the phone && I'm incredibly impressed by it! All my photos in this post are taken with the camera. Obviously they're blurry due to blogger... I was amazed though !! I was like damn... you can see my mustache hair with that shit ha ha ha.

My new baby (not pink, but silver).... I wanted a blackberry but being a poor college student, I wouldn't be able to afford the extra 30 for the blackberry features xD.... this was the only non-smart phone that appealed to me T.T
This AMAZING cover makes my phone look completely pink though. I LOVE IT... I bought a bunch of swarovski crystals in pink && white to deco my phone!! I will have to get my ass on that..


Hell yeah !!
This shit makes my room smell DELICIOUS 24/7

I dyed my hair a medium brown...Thanks to my favorite japanese store closing I couldn't get my palty dye T.T.... I opted for this!!

It worked okay. I ended up leaving it in WAY longer than the recomended time... My hair ended up the same color as the box. I was hoping for a little lighter but hey, that's what you get with white people hair dye ha ha ha... Maybe I'll go a little lighter in a few weeks... Overall I give this hair dye a 4 out of 5!!

AND after looking at the delicioussssss post by pink on twitter, i knew I had to make these babies. They were like little mutiple orgasms in my mouth.... Haha... okay maybe something ELSE was telling my brain they were THAT good... but seriously... they were good !!
haha... you can't even see the pork in my taco !! it's totally loaded up on kimchi... i love that shit =P

Oh man, college keeps me busy. I'm juggling 5 classes, some consider it 6 including my Anatomy& Physiology lab.... I am proud to admit that all my grade averages are above 90 percent... wo0oo0o00oo... so don't hate me for never posting !! I'm hauling ass in school.

I miss this blogging world !!
Cya soon ladies... <333333