Nails of the week

i finally found a pair that i liked with my face!
ive tried on soooo many and could never find a match!
got these @ newbury comics for around $10

I get bored really easily with my nail designs!
Probably because I'm sitting at work looking at all the nail polish colors
These are my nail in the past 2 weeks:

the nails on my right hand are prettier so sorry they're painted messy cuz i painted with my left hand..
OPI's Ski Teal We Drop

OPI's So Hot It Berns

Ahh I want to try some more cute design this week~~

Take care until Next time!!
With love, Nana*♥


November Greatness

November was a great month for me

-My boyfriend visited me in Boston from Los Angeles even though he's completely afraid of plane rides

-I followed my boyfriend back to LA and stayed for a week. It was great :) My bf's dad mostly took me out everyday.. We just walked around and talked a lotttt~~ Isn't he so cute with his man purse ??

-I moved back to Massachusetts. Who knows how long that will last. I'm just glad my baby boy Hachi is a happier! He was really depressed and lonely in the south ~

-Got to see my best friend most of all was great.. I missed her sooo badly ! We have best friends since 5th grade keke~

-Had a great thanksgiving! Love the fact that people accept me as family when I have none

-& Mosttt of all....I realized how truely blessed I am in certain ways. I literally love my friends more than anything. They will always love me and accept me. They will always be there for me.. even if we fight.. even if we don't talk for months n years..even if we drift far appart.. in the end we love and care for eachother! I wouldn't trade anything in the world for that. Anything.

Just a quick over view ~~ I'll be updating a lot more lately ~~

How was everyone elses month??
Hope it went well

Take care until Next time!!
With love, Nana*♥



Waaaa~~ Feels good to be back!! I've been M.I.A. !!

First off I finally moved down to Alabama and let's just say... It's been quite the "experience" for a person who has only lived in CA and MA.
I will be the first to stay some stereotypes are there for a reason.
Since I've grown up in a totally democratic environment where I say.. Hell yes to Mass Health and gay marriage the culture here just totally blows my mind!

Secondly... Pretty Please Nail Salon aka work has been consuming my life. I work 7 days a week (usually) and 10 AM to 8 PM (usually later). I'll be surprised if I don't come out of here looking 10 years older! Ha ha!
At least I work in this cute environment

Stop by if you're ever in the area!


10 days to go

10 days to go .... until I move to Alabama! Ahh!

I feel like it definitely has not hit me yet.
I have probably been too busy being a work-a-holic!
I think once I go down there and I realize that everything is different...
No H-mart.... No Dunkin Donuts... O__O... No karaoke!! whattt

In the mean time I have been "preparing" by buying useless things...

such as.. THIS PIGGIE BANK!..
But isnt it so cute ^0^??
I actually contains over 30$ of change! woo hoo~~

I had an AWESOMEEE bday! I went to Minado~~
If you live in NYC / MA area... you will know this place..
It's a bit expensive but well worth it ^ ^

Everyone was teasing me because I was laughing and giggling so much~~
But with the crew I roll with... it's like constantly being in The Hangover or one of those funny movies

I wish I had taken pictures but we were all too caught up in the moment!

Take care until Next time!!
With love, Nana*♥


Bad Luck Summer '10

So where have I been? Having BAD LUCK!! I can't even tell you guys how much it has come my way this summer... it seems like a joke

Let's start off where we ended... I finished up nail school, finished up the 2nd semester of my 1st yr in college, got a job at a nail salon (which is closing now... but we will get to that later) in a pretty damn rich area around here! Yes, yes. I live in a rich area also (for those of you who know) where I see BMWS, Acura, blah blah blah everyday. Those are just normal cars here. Where I work... I see hooked up Porsches everyday xD

Bad luck #1.) With my new job I decided YESSS! I will get the phone I wanted and waited for. What did I do with that phone? I dropped it into a pedicure chair... lmao... -__-
Bad luck #2.) I had to wait 2 weeks for that phone because they didn't even have it in stock in the stores or online stores -__-

Bad luck #3.) I fell down (ok I tripped over myself) skidded across the cement... my hand was tore down into the muscle n gushing, my knees and arms were bleeding.... it SUCKED. I still haven't fully recovered.

Bad luck #4.)I don't know why, that same day I bought a bunch of scratch tickets (wtf... why did i even buy that -__-) and lost $40 .... EVERY SINGLE ONE.... the same day !!!!

Bad luck #5.) My beautiful $1500 laptop broke !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad luck #6.) The nail salon I work at is now CLOSING in August

Bad luck #7.) I am moving to Alabama !!!!!!!!! WTF...

Bad luck #8.) I can't go on a vacation I have been planning and telling NUMEROUS people about because of that...

Ahhh but atleast I have my pretty eyelashes to look at!
Both pictures have NO EYE MAKEUP WHAT SO EVER!
Here's a before:

( *poits up* yes yes....i know its ugly.... no need to comment on that xD....)


No no, this is not some sort of amazing eyeliner and mascara that I have discovered xD~~
I got eyelash extensions from my boss hieu~~ shes super nice and treats me like family !! I love this lady !!


Sad news for the salon..

just a webcam shot of me in my fav. hiding spot on my campus..
the library ^.^ ha ha~~

excuse the CLEAVAGE...

I realized people were staring all day.....
men AND woman...
I could see their eyes darting down during a
conversation multiple times sighh.... LOL

What have you all been up to?

Well for me....I'll start with the happiness& end with the sadness ~~

(ghetto photoshop job... i bet you can still see the ring of the plate ha ha!!)

I never posted these onto my blog!
These are some really cute cupcakes I made awhile back~~
I used cake fondant to make pretty shapes on them!!
I gave them to my friends and they loved it..
That made me happy ~~ hehe

The other day when I went to the nail salon and my teacher was being mean apparently! I was 20 mins late... but everyone told me she was yelling at them... This is very unlike her! I love my teacher, her name is Ruth but we call her Ruthie! She has been through a lot of troubles in life and I really respect her as a person!

Then later on some strange man came in, they talked, and she seemed more upset!
He started working in the front window and hung up a sign..
I asked my teacher, What is that? What did he do?
She told me, Go outside and read the sign.
It said, "FOR RENT"....

Apparently the salon is closing on May 1st. The owner, Anh, has been "hinting" around but has not come out straight forward and told anyone... I feel bad because now my teacher will loose her job...She does not deserve that !!!!

Today was so nice for a change...
91 degrees F ~~ !!

Take care& Be well

With love, Nana*♥


Feels like it's been F O R E V E R

Ha ha. Wow! I wrote a super long post the other day& clicked the "save now" button.
Somehow in my cracked out mind I thought it would actually be there when I came back a few days later..... ha ha ha ha WOW...
So now I am too lazy to re-write the whole entry.

I have been EXTREMELY busy lately!!
I don't even have time to hang out with my friends anymore.
I feel so out of contact with everyone I know!
It sucks. (Not having a cell phone probably doesn't help either... )

On top of being a full time nursing student I was thinking like,
"hey i don't want to wait 3 more yrs for a good job.... i'll start nail school!!"
So now I also do that It's not that hard honestly! It's just that I need the supplies such as rhinestones and colored acrylic powders ^.^

I spent my whole spring break everyday at the salon practicing
It was fun but seemed like not a break at all...
I did go to Flushing, NYC for a night!
It was great!! I had a lot of soju and noraebang ha ha ... of course..
I bought a lot of stuff... my most fav purchase is the laneige skin set..

It was kinda expensive but WELL worth it~~
Not bad tho... $112 for all that and it lasts you for about a year!!

Ahh~~ I saw this meme (is that what it's called?) from Shirley's blog!
I wanted to to it to add some picture to my post..
Since my cell phone has been broken I do not have a digi-cam at all!
I used my cell phone to take ALL the photos for this blog.. sighhh...

The rules are
1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your photos

2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder

3. Explain the picture
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

OK so....

This is a picture from 5/29/2009. That's almost a year ago!
I went to the cheesecake factory that night with my best friends.
It was the first time they had ever been there!
I had a lot of fun~~
I look like a crazy person in the picture...
that peice of odd hair in my bangs is bugging me !!
I don't remember much of that night...
That must indicate it was really fun night ha ha!!

HELLO to my new followers!
I really appreciate that!!

Take care& Be well

With love, Nana*♥