month of JULY post !

(me & my Boyfriend)
I quickly sketched this picture this morning! I love doing QUICK messy drawings with pen ! It kind of sucks if you mess up though because there is no erasing~~I feel so guilty hating drawing when It's actually a talent someone should be proud of. People always tell me if they could draw like me they would be sitting around drawing all day -__-

I got new glasses. AWHILLEEE AGO. Maybe late June? But, I am a lazy ass poster !

I really like them ! I originally was going to just get my old D&G glasses but in black instead of brown? But they don't sell them anymore.. So these were literally the ONLY ones that looked just like them... except a lil bigger. Which was GREAT because I felt like my old ones were a lil too small =D

The only thing I have to complain about is that people literally STARE at the side of my face like I am some rich ass bitch??

DUDE, these glasses cost as much as any other brand, honestly. The frames were only around 200-300$

I'm sorry but that's not EXPENSIVE for something that's on your face 24/7

Time is FLYINGGG by so fast. It seems like I just got out of school in May. Now it's AUGUST? Disney world trip on the 16th? Then 2 weeks until SCHOOL? I am NOT prepared for college ha ha ha. It seems easy enough for me. I'm only taking English& Science classes. I suck so bad at english though.. I have never done well. My grammar is SHIT. People often say their first year of college is easier than the last year of highschool (at the school i graduated from)... Let's hope that's true??

Among things. My 18th birthday past. I am such a baby!! I always feel so weird when I think of my age because all my friends are 21+ ?? Ha ha... I forget my age sometimes -__-

For me this was an age I was looking forward to. A clean record (LOL), more opportunities, more respect (possibly?)

ME and my BF got sushi for my B-DAY. This was some mix-platter.

Some sort of "boston roll" that the resteraunt served? It was pretty good! Salmon, Tuna, && Avocado with a spicy sauce.

My auntie randomly gave me this as a gift .. I think it's cute! It reminds me of kind of... country style?? Which reminds me of her !! Because she is a very country-style lady.. Her house looks like one of those perfect farmhouse-magazine-white peoeple houses.. Hahahaha..

Lately I have been going to the beach A LOT. This thing saves my life !! The salt water feels so gross and I just love having a refreshing spray ^ ^

I also use this as a finishing spray for makeup. Especially if I am using any type of powder makeup, it's a nice way to set it all into place ! I got this awhile ago, can't exactly remember where? I believe it's around 10$

Around my birthday I went to Cheesecake factory Also.. FUCKING delicious. Ha ha ha I love the cheesecake there. The food is OK. But the cheesecake is bomb diggity. While I was @ the Natick mall. I figured I would stop by and make a purchase !

yeah. look at my dirty fingerprints.....

Nars blush in ANGELIKA (SP)It's so cuteee. I picked it up because I wanted one of those light pink blushes that japanese girls seem to wear. I love love the sparkles. It's an adorable color. Obviously lasts long..

My only downside is..

TALC. You think if you were going to spend 25$ on a blush they might have better ingredients? I was surprised when I looked at the ingredients later on -__- I mean, you can buy a drugstore brand with the same shit for 5$? It's still so cute though ha ha ha..

&& Since it was close to my BDAY..

A gift from sephora. I actually really like these lippies. They're sheer, not sticky, but still thick. && that's how I like my glosses ! When it feels like its gunna stick good, but doesn't feel sticky, make sense??

I really lovee the middle one, Rose Glow. I might even have to buy another.

and last but not LEAST. I finally got my license.
The trooper told me she was kinda of just "giving" it to me... BUT HEY!
I GOT MY LICENSE !! ahaha..
Better late than never ~~

I hope I get the REAL copy soon because I need it to go to Florida in 2 weeks -__-