Sad news for the salon..

just a webcam shot of me in my fav. hiding spot on my campus..
the library ^.^ ha ha~~

excuse the CLEAVAGE...

I realized people were staring all day.....
men AND woman...
I could see their eyes darting down during a
conversation multiple times sighh.... LOL

What have you all been up to?

Well for me....I'll start with the happiness& end with the sadness ~~

(ghetto photoshop job... i bet you can still see the ring of the plate ha ha!!)

I never posted these onto my blog!
These are some really cute cupcakes I made awhile back~~
I used cake fondant to make pretty shapes on them!!
I gave them to my friends and they loved it..
That made me happy ~~ hehe

The other day when I went to the nail salon and my teacher was being mean apparently! I was 20 mins late... but everyone told me she was yelling at them... This is very unlike her! I love my teacher, her name is Ruth but we call her Ruthie! She has been through a lot of troubles in life and I really respect her as a person!

Then later on some strange man came in, they talked, and she seemed more upset!
He started working in the front window and hung up a sign..
I asked my teacher, What is that? What did he do?
She told me, Go outside and read the sign.
It said, "FOR RENT"....

Apparently the salon is closing on May 1st. The owner, Anh, has been "hinting" around but has not come out straight forward and told anyone... I feel bad because now my teacher will loose her job...She does not deserve that !!!!

Today was so nice for a change...
91 degrees F ~~ !!

Take care& Be well

With love, Nana*♥