November Greatness

November was a great month for me

-My boyfriend visited me in Boston from Los Angeles even though he's completely afraid of plane rides

-I followed my boyfriend back to LA and stayed for a week. It was great :) My bf's dad mostly took me out everyday.. We just walked around and talked a lotttt~~ Isn't he so cute with his man purse ??

-I moved back to Massachusetts. Who knows how long that will last. I'm just glad my baby boy Hachi is a happier! He was really depressed and lonely in the south ~

-Got to see my best friend most of all was great.. I missed her sooo badly ! We have best friends since 5th grade keke~

-Had a great thanksgiving! Love the fact that people accept me as family when I have none

-& Mosttt of all....I realized how truely blessed I am in certain ways. I literally love my friends more than anything. They will always love me and accept me. They will always be there for me.. even if we fight.. even if we don't talk for months n years..even if we drift far appart.. in the end we love and care for eachother! I wouldn't trade anything in the world for that. Anything.

Just a quick over view ~~ I'll be updating a lot more lately ~~

How was everyone elses month??
Hope it went well

Take care until Next time!!
With love, Nana*♥