Post - Valentines - Day!

Valentines day.
Singles awareness day.
Listen to everyone bitch and moan about their lifex10 and 
want to punch yourself in the face day?

This was actually my first single/ non-dating Valentines day in 5 years?
(seems like eternity since i'm only 20 ha ha ha)
It was really strange for me actually!! I always make a big deal of this day because....
I love valentines day!!
Not because you get presents and to feel *extra* special or anything...

Pink is my FAVOURITEEEEE color!
Pink pink pink cute cute cute heart heart heart EVERYTHING.

(excuse all le shitty pictures... i really need to find my camera charger -__- )

post valentines TARGET sales :
( all 50% off... yay~)
  • cup cake socks
  • heart shaped donut pan
  • heart shaped cookie cutters
  • glitter heart shaped salad plates
  • glitter heart shaped bowls
  • flat eyeliner brush
  • (2) L'oreal HIP eyeshadows in DASHING& SHOWY 

Valentines day inspired nails:
I did these for some clients around V-Day~
Super cute !!

Hope everyone had an awesome week~!!


A bit too late..

Long time bloggers! How are you lovely people doing?

Hence the "GRRRR" face.... I have been sick since before the new year!
Isn't that crazy? I had customers who saw me before New Years Even and noticed I was still sick!! Blahhh... Horrible feeling... I'm starting to finally feel better this week...

 I ordered these cellphone cases from EBAY! Woohoo.
I think I may JAZZ 'em up a bit and add some rhinestones and such ~~
Two cases are not pictured; one being on my phone & one I gave to one of my loyal customers who 's HK.
I have never really *bid* on things from ebay before and found it completelyyyyy addicting!
(A bit like gambling... )
Let's just say quite a few more items will be added into my collection of stuff soon... very soon.

ON another Note.....
I have been following the whole SOPA & PIPA act since November~
I've been explaining about it to few people around me and sadly...
No one even cares... (it's totally upsetting)
In fact, people have told me that the whole thing is stupid and have even defended the act.
One of my coworkers even laughed at me and said, "yeah let's see who is right about this when it happens".
It's just really sad for me to see how my generation has become.
They don't even care anymore.
For those few who DO care.. let's do something about it !!!


Take care until Next time!!
With love, Nana*♥