lifee + NYX Haul

Ahhh, I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged. I always read other people's blogs but I completely neglect my own =(

It's okay because my life is pretty boring ha ha ha.

Since my last post I have GRADUATED! from apparently one of the "best" public schools in MA.
hahahaha... this is literally one of the ONLY pics of me with my cap/gown because my school made us return them before we left where everyone had the cameras !! kind of ridiculous since we paid 100$ to rent them and couldn't even have our families take pictures -_-....

&& got all my top 3 favourite and lovely flowers from my boyfriend, best friend, and my brother!

Light pink roses from the BF, my absolute favourite
although my fav. is tiger lilies these were still so beautiful ^ ^



Amazing Concealer

So up until i got the NYX concealer pot, Amazing Concealer was my shit. Standing at $42 it works pretty damn good but it's veryyy thick. It does cover up all blemishes but makes you feel a little cakey. But whatever, it works.

NOW NYX CONCEALER POT? I love it even MORE. It does the same job as far as coverage goes. It's light. It's CHEAP ($5) It's perfect. Ha ha.

Lipstick in Tea Rose & Pumpkin pie. I LOVE the tea rose! It's such a cute pink color.
Pumpkin pie is a coral nude color~~

Lip glosses in Baby pink, cafe late, and natural pinky~ All super cute ^ ^

I also got the NYX green concealer stick ($5) It works just as good as the pot concealer but I think for the green it's more convenient to get the stick so I can just dab it on my blemishes and apply concealer over it ^ ^

Surprisingly good quality too for such a cheap price!
I really like these NYX products

Until next time darlings~ Peace ^.^ V &Take care


  1. I'm so glad you like my blog! lol
    Congrats on graduating by the way. I was going to try that Amazing concealer because I have REALLY bad eye circles, but I think I'll try the NYX one how hehe! I'm going to follow your blog too.^^

  2. Congratulations on graduating!!
    AWWW so many lovely bunches of flowers~~! Well deserved!

    I was wondering about that Amazing Concealer. Hum... maybe I'll pick up the NYX instead!! I'm using Physcian's Formula but it's nearly out and I don't like it enough to repurchase.

  3. Hi...i was ramdon^^
    how do u doing :D
    your blog is cutee :D
    And congratulations for graduation..^^ do u know exactly what u will do later?^^

  4. Hi~ I found your blog through your comments on another blog and your blog is so cute! Hope you dont mind if I start following it~
    Congrats on graduating! Exciting time isn't it? hehe

  5. Thanks for your comment girl! I've been wanting that NYX concealer in a jar but it's not available in our country :-( shipping + the product is already equivalent to MAC or any high end brands

  6. congrats on your graduation!!!

    NYX makeup is really good~ i heard they're made by MAC and that they're just a lesser, cheaper version!

  7. hey doll

    I LOVE FM!!! i 1st heard it in CALI...they were playing it out on every station...and when i you tubed them i found out they were KOREAN!!! whatttt Asians on mainstream radio...that is insane...but yeah they do some pretty dope stuff!

  8. I just stumbled on your blog and I find it funny that we're both from MA!
    I just graduated from HS too, haha. You rented your gown for $100? Wow I bought mine for like $30.
    I've always wanted to try NYX products too!

  9. Hi sweets you are so kawai!! thank you so much for stopping by~ <3 saw your art work~ you are so talented Hun~ :D

  10. I buy my magazines online now, but I used to buy them at Porter Sq until the supermarket (Kotobukiya) closed down :[