HMART goodnes =P

Ladies! Fall is here, crisp air, crisp leaves... and CRISPY FRIED HAIR.... lol I need a hair cut for real... Need the ends trimmed up a bit. I can never really reduce the damage to my hair it seems. I use a heat protector but I'm sure the cheap piece of shit doesn't really work~~

I love just going for a fall ride, out to see the leaves!! I wanna make a trip up to NH or Maine for some warmmmm seafood soup or something!! Maybe I'll finally have the time this weekend =P

I thought I would TRY OUT these instant coffees from starbucks, still haven't tried it... I'll have to get back to you guys on that one. Instant coffeee is really never that great though... except for this one viet one that is just the shitt xD

My new favorite grocery store in the WORLD opened up in Burlington, MA. It's pretty damn awesome. Tons of food, cheap prices... All you see below and more for around 100$

-Green Tea icecream
-Seafood mixture
-FISHIE icecreams♥♥♥

-Metal chopsticks
-HUGE asian apple/pear or whatever
-Radish kimchi
-Gatsby hair rubber
-Gatsby face wash
-Shiseido Hadasui mist

PLUS..... pre-cut pork belly, beef ribs for galbi, basically cut up pocky in a jar snack, some coffes, and two korean stone pots... FOR 100 dollars??

Damn, I don't know about you but that's a fuckin deaaaalll...

You know I can't live without my kimchi chigae in this cold weather.
I swear to god I have eating it atleast 4 days out of the week xD

take care ladies, enjoy the long weekend!!


  1. I think u look gorgeous with long hair..I love Starbucks coffee, those things u got look so yummy^^

  2. Hmaaaaaaaaaart!! yay! I like HMart more than our other local international stores (Lotte, Grand Mart) and thankfully it's the closest one to me. I couldn't live without their huge bottles of tea, curry mix, rice, blah blah the list goes on! ;D

  3. i'm sorry, maybe you should move back here~!

    i love ur twitter and blog ^^
    gosh you are still really cute and pretty!

  4. you look cute in the pic! and I love green tea icecream!


  5. I love the fall :D

    First time visit to your blog. It's really cute. :D

  6. AHHHH I want to go to H-Mart!!!
    I think I might go this week...crossing my fingers!

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