Daily Routine + REVIEW + EASY Bulgogi Recipe

So for all you ladies, here is my daily makeup routine. People are always complimenting that I have big eyes, half of it is that, I kind of do have big eyes, and the other half (of course!) is makeup! Check out daily routine.. !! (Ha ha... sorry my hair is wet in 75% of these photos!)

Start with a clean face! Wash, moisturize, and time to add foundation.


I first apply Skin Food Aloe BB cream in 1 (it's wayyyy to white for me!)
I then apply a small amount of Neutrogena Healthy Skin in Natural Beige for color.
My skin is farrr too dry for powders in the winter season!

NYX concealer in jar - beige

Wet n' Wild Kohl Brow - Eyeliner

Next comes the EYES:
the item in question is Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black
I have bought this before, I saw it in a japanese magazine and thought hey, why not?
It worked very well. I switched for awhile (who knows why) and now I am back!
I line my UPPER eyelid with this.

Lower water line with MUFF Aqua Eyes OL

Shade lower lashline with 4th color of Revlon Colorstay Copper Spice Quad

Lancome Courbe Virtouse


Maybelline Mineral Power - True peach

TA DA !!

My final every day look~~ not too special but you can deffenatly see that makeup helps make your eyes look BRIGHT, BIG, and CUTE ^ ^

NOW... does Revlon Color stay Liquid liner hold up??

Let's see...

Revlon Color stay after 7 hours! No smudging, no flaking, no fading!
Honestly, this is one of my fav. liquid liners of all time!
Pick it up if you have a chance ^ ^

BTW, yes.... brown is my natural eye color!!

  • about 1 LBS thinly sliced beef (buy pre-sliced at korean market! i used around .6 LBS)
  • 1 small onion or 1/2 of a large onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 or 2 scallions
  • 2 TBS soy sauce
  • 1 TBS sesame seed oil
  • 1 TBS sugar
  1. Chop up garlic, slice onion into long thin slices, cut up green onions
add all the ingredients into a bowl and let marinade for ATLEAST 30 minutes, the longer the better!

3. use a grill for bulgogi or heat up a pan on high before cooking so it gets that grilled effect! Place the beef flat on the pan, let it cook halfway through, flip them, cook the other side. Ta-da! Finish ^ ^

YAY! that's how you make some easy bulgogi. Simple huh??


  1. Your eyes are really pretty!
    I want some bulgogi now...

  2. oooh i love your daily makeup routine.. i definitely need to pick up some of the revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner.. i been trying to find another liquid eyeliner i can try, but i didn't want to spend money on one that wasn't good..so i was hesitant at first.. but now i think i will try the one you used! i have tried the revlon colorstay pencil eyeliner before and that worked good too! :D and yummy bulgogi recipe! it really is simple.. got to try it .. i have most of those ingredients in my fridge already.. except the sesame seed oil.. gotta pick some of that up!

  3. ohhh you look very very cute ! And i like your eyebrows <3

  4. Thanks for sharing ur daily routine, u look so fab in those pictures...love ur makeup^^
    Revlon Color stay Liquid liner looks really interseting maybe I should get that next time.
    Thanks for the Bulgogi Recipe , I really love Korean food.

  5. u are so pretty! i really love how doll like ur eyes look! i'll def be looking out for more makeup tutorials from u :)

  6. i use the same liner :) i love that it's so dark <3

  7. I first saw the meat & thought it was in relation to some icky face mask, hahaha, it's my stupid late afternoon brain!

    Your comment about powders in winter has me hoping I can use my new BB Cream for a less drying winter routine.

    When you line your bottom lid do you do the rim or under the lashes? I want to do my bottom rim but my contacts make it difficult and I haven't had many waterproof liners to test the technique with.

  8. you look pretty, and I really love bulgogi, so thanks for the recipe!


  9. So after my nose post and staring at a bunch of noses, I have concluded I would like to have yours ^^

    Anyhows, I love your simple but beautiful make-up :]

  10. ooh i'm going 2 Follow this bulgogi
    recipe.my bF loves bulgogi

    Thank you Very much