Love pack from Wenjin ♥

yay just the sight of this box put a big big big big smile on my face ^____^

SUCH CUTE PACKAGING !!! Wrapped with a bow and everything ^__^

All the things she got me~~ all shown in the video !!
Ahh I am at a loss of words but really happy about this!
I have been so stressed and working hard lately that this really brightened my mood!!
She's such a good friend~~~ !!


  1. Glad you liked everything! I am really happy I was able to brighten up your mood. ^^ Can't wait for you to move to Cali so we can party all day long. HAHA

  2. HAHAH. *starts singing 2PM* Allll night long. baby all night long~

  3. Hey!~ I love reading your blog, and have given you a lovely blogger award ^^