H&M haul

Hiii everyone ♥♥♥
Hope everyone's weekend went well!
I actually escaped from work this weekend and went to shopping~
I met up with my family @ Chau Chow City for Dim Sum
After we were done eating I hit up the H&M on Newbury St @ Bought a few items~
I am too lazy to take pics so here's one dress that I got..
(images from H&M website)

I also got a straw hat, some floral sneakers, and a plain black blazer..
Perhaps I will post those later when I am not lazy.. key word: perhaps~

Keke I also found one of my favorite pillows of all-time last night~
It's a panda pillow from Areaware, Fauna collection..
They are based from NYC and have some really cool designs!

Work is really stressing me out lately.. It makes me want to give up on my dreams but I will not.. FIGHTING ~~

I hope everyone is feeling better than I have been feeling lately..

Take care until Next time!!
With love, Nana*♥


  1. girl why you always look so gorgeous!!! :]

    That maxi dress is so hot ;]

  2. you pretty o.o

    work is always stressful. Everyday is a new type of stress. just take it easy and you know, things will fall into place homeslice~

  3. you look gorgeous and i love your pillow!

  4. Nana!!! Finally found ur blog...
    My Msn was hacked!!!
    Please add me back at leonardchen@hotmail.sg