10 days to go

10 days to go .... until I move to Alabama! Ahh!

I feel like it definitely has not hit me yet.
I have probably been too busy being a work-a-holic!
I think once I go down there and I realize that everything is different...
No H-mart.... No Dunkin Donuts... O__O... No karaoke!! whattt

In the mean time I have been "preparing" by buying useless things...

such as.. THIS PIGGIE BANK!..
But isnt it so cute ^0^??
I actually contains over 30$ of change! woo hoo~~

I had an AWESOMEEE bday! I went to Minado~~
If you live in NYC / MA area... you will know this place..
It's a bit expensive but well worth it ^ ^

Everyone was teasing me because I was laughing and giggling so much~~
But with the crew I roll with... it's like constantly being in The Hangover or one of those funny movies

I wish I had taken pictures but we were all too caught up in the moment!

Take care until Next time!!
With love, Nana*♥


  1. haha i like that u laugh so much =D
    it makes me happy
    that ur a giggle monster

  2. i wish you also everything good for your move.
    And yes this piggy bank is sooooooo cute!!

  3. Did you wake up on top of a building or lose a tooth? :P

  4. Belated happy birthday pretty lady ^^
    LOL at you and your friends being like the guys from re hangover! I love that movie !! "blood brothers for life" hahaha
    I don't know how far Alabama is from where you are but good luck with the move :)))


  5. great photos!! cute piggie bank!! and good luck on the move :)

  6. ^ah my girl janice reads this blog too. My boy vince as well.

    We have h mart in canada ^_^ and dunkin donuts. otherwise I wouldn't know what the hell you're talking about~

  7. hehe that's such a cute piggy bank. You're moving to Alabama?awesome ^^. and even though you can't steal my doggies. We can totally share XD.
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  8. Aw your piggy bank is so cute! And wait, no Dunkin Donuts in Alabama? How is that even allowed?!! I'm so sorry for you :( Glad you had fun on your birthday though!