Bad Luck Summer '10

So where have I been? Having BAD LUCK!! I can't even tell you guys how much it has come my way this summer... it seems like a joke

Let's start off where we ended... I finished up nail school, finished up the 2nd semester of my 1st yr in college, got a job at a nail salon (which is closing now... but we will get to that later) in a pretty damn rich area around here! Yes, yes. I live in a rich area also (for those of you who know) where I see BMWS, Acura, blah blah blah everyday. Those are just normal cars here. Where I work... I see hooked up Porsches everyday xD

Bad luck #1.) With my new job I decided YESSS! I will get the phone I wanted and waited for. What did I do with that phone? I dropped it into a pedicure chair... lmao... -__-
Bad luck #2.) I had to wait 2 weeks for that phone because they didn't even have it in stock in the stores or online stores -__-

Bad luck #3.) I fell down (ok I tripped over myself) skidded across the cement... my hand was tore down into the muscle n gushing, my knees and arms were bleeding.... it SUCKED. I still haven't fully recovered.

Bad luck #4.)I don't know why, that same day I bought a bunch of scratch tickets (wtf... why did i even buy that -__-) and lost $40 .... EVERY SINGLE ONE.... the same day !!!!

Bad luck #5.) My beautiful $1500 laptop broke !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad luck #6.) The nail salon I work at is now CLOSING in August

Bad luck #7.) I am moving to Alabama !!!!!!!!! WTF...

Bad luck #8.) I can't go on a vacation I have been planning and telling NUMEROUS people about because of that...

Ahhh but atleast I have my pretty eyelashes to look at!
Both pictures have NO EYE MAKEUP WHAT SO EVER!
Here's a before:

( *poits up* yes yes....i know its ugly.... no need to comment on that xD....)


No no, this is not some sort of amazing eyeliner and mascara that I have discovered xD~~
I got eyelash extensions from my boss hieu~~ shes super nice and treats me like family !! I love this lady !!


  1. :O
    ..... :OOOOO

    Damn girl you really ARE cursed this summer! And wtf Alabama!? Whhhhhhhhy ;_;. Growing up in mississippi & having some family in Al.... I... *gives you hug* I'm sorry you have to move there! LOL. During the summer? B/c it's balls hot :(. At least winters will be mild~~

    Well your eye exte are gorgeous! Lucky duck! they're so pricey IMO XD!

  2. Hiii lovely!
    I love the way the eyelash extensions look on you.

    Awww...I am really sorry about all the bad luck you have been having. Maybe your good luck will come around soon. =]

  3. I hope u have recovered and I am sure after all that bad luck , u'll have a year full of good luck^^
    I love ur eyelashes and u look super cute pretty in those pictures^^

  4. Omg I don't even know what to say at all that bad luck X_X

    I hope you get okay! That thing from the phone and laptop and your workplace closing is really bad TT.TT

    I don't know how far is Alabama, but I hope you don't stay too away from your friends or anything like that =/

    Oh and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!^^

  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog ^^
    Oh why dont you like being a halfcast? I have my moments, sometimes i like being mixed but then sometimes i wish i was full filipino >< would be good if i could speak filipino too, would help alot at family functions!

    p.s - your very pretty ^^


  6. I hope your bad luck go away soon! I want eyelash extension now. lol.

    Maybe you can still go on your vacation after you've settled down in Alabama?

  7. Hey at least through it all you kept your beautiful smile!! It's good look to be pretty as you =)

  8. move to california
    i'm waiting for u~

    oh and u forgot about the creepy bum who followed u

  9. Hey hey, don't worry. It's a sucky summer for me too *i just have to find a way to deal with it*. Anyway, I heard from Ken that's your b day. SO happy b day ^^!

  10. Ken lead me here.. Happy Birthday! May good luck start to come your way :(

  11. Happy bday! Ken recommended :) You're so pretty! Sorry for all that bad luck :( There's always balance in life. Good karma will come flying by soon :)

    Whoa how do lash extensions work?

    PS Alabama isn't that bad. I lived in Oklahoma for 5 years. THAT sucked.

  12. Happy birthday! I saw you on Ken's blog also. I hope everything clears up and works out for the better!

  13. ~Really? I think that happen to every skin products too since your skin will start to immune to it T_T. Sad life T_T.
    ~Aw, my dogs is so happy when they have a new friend ^^.
    ~So how are you today and kawaii smile you got there ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte