Waaaa~~ Feels good to be back!! I've been M.I.A. !!

First off I finally moved down to Alabama and let's just say... It's been quite the "experience" for a person who has only lived in CA and MA.
I will be the first to stay some stereotypes are there for a reason.
Since I've grown up in a totally democratic environment where I say.. Hell yes to Mass Health and gay marriage the culture here just totally blows my mind!

Secondly... Pretty Please Nail Salon aka work has been consuming my life. I work 7 days a week (usually) and 10 AM to 8 PM (usually later). I'll be surprised if I don't come out of here looking 10 years older! Ha ha!
At least I work in this cute environment

Stop by if you're ever in the area!


  1. Welcome back dear ^^
    Looking as stunning as ever I see :]
    I have no idea how far Alabama is from where you originally were from but I am hoping your adjusting well !
    LOL @ work consuming your life. I can totally understand what that feels like ...


  2. Yea, I got beer thrown at me once for voting democratic while living in Mississippi... it blows. At least the nail salon looks ballin' \:D/

  3. @ken: fook yuu =P

    @jahnice:thanks ^ ^ alabama is really far!! it takes about 20 hours to drive from my home to here... totally difference culture.. its like difference between farm and city ha ha

    @jenny: omg! i can actually beleive that! a lot of people here bitch n moan about democrats... *hides in corner*

  4. Crazy!! What made you guys move down to Alabama?
    YOu'll make great money I bet in the salon!

  5. Glad u r back and hope that u are adjusting well by now, the nail salon looks so pretty and huge^^

  6. WOW u'll be rich by Christmas then : D WOOHOO!

    And ur work place looks really cute : D