HAPPY 2010 everyone!!

Of course, this post is late~
I haven't had time to sit down and
write in my blog for quite awhile now!
First it was college finals, then the holidays!
My life has been filled with 100% drama lately.
Don't worry, I'll spare you the details... BUT..
It has made me realize I need a new change!

New Years Resolutions

(You know we all have them!)

1.) You are who you hang out with: I must remember
this at all times. Either I become friends with
people that have interests like me and values like me
or I fly as MR. SOLO DOLO!!
I need to learn to be happy with this.
I don't need people pulling me away from my goals!!

2.) Manage my stress. I have mountains of stress piled
onto my already stressful life! I need to learn to be less
angry with this because it's something I can not change.

3.) This sounds stupid but, REMEMBER THINGS!
I constantly forget things. Forget where I put my cell phone,
forget what I was going to do, forget forget forget!

4.) BLOG MORE!! duh... Need to stop being
a lazy peice of shiet in this aspect of my life!!
LOL! I love this blogging community
♥ ♥ ♥

I hope everyone is having a
wonderful fresh start!

Look to the future for
new posts!!

♥ you guys!


  1. you finally post! it took you over a month!

  2. halo...new to your bloggy. :) I'm a tiger year, and YES it's finally a good year dammit. Your pics=Kawaii