typical life !

detail shot of a painting I did... it makes me smile because Buddha looks so happy !!

I can never keep up with my blogs ha ha ha. That's fine. As long as I read others. Seeing how I have 5 MORE DAYS... left of high school. It's crazy but time really does go by fast. I feel some sadness for the fact that im not pursuing an art career like I always dreamed of, but that's ok. Just because everyone in my art class is going to Mass Art and RISD doesn't mean I have to LOL. Anyways, hopefully making 86K - 100K per yr in the future will be a better job....??

I finally got the new TV. I don't even know how big it is cuz that's not my thing but it's somewhere from 50 - 60 inches... which for a bed room seems pretty damn big to me. I remember when I picked it out like a year ago I told my BF to get it because of the cool light that glows when you turn it on and off and the sound it makes LOL.... i'm so lame and used to hearing some damn samsungs in korean dramas!! I'm not much of a TV person... Unlike my BF... look at this intense "gaming face"....

... and it hasn't moved for an hour... Ha ha

I feel pretty much that pho dac biet is my shit.... a few weeks ago in a 7 day span I ate it 3 times... The above picture was sooo nasty though.... look at it... it was soooo salty... I probably am going to have a heart attack and pee out a kidney stone soon LOL.

&& for the summer time, this is sooo good, does anyone love these other than me?? i feel like the fish shape makes it taste better LOL... because it's sooo cute ^0^

I of COURSE took advantage of the NYX 50% off and bought a few things. One of which being the concealer that everyone says is so good... I mean it's already so cheap to begin with so... why not try it out. I got a stick in green and BEIGE... so I hope that shit ain't too dark for my albino skin ha ha ha.... I just want the package to come already...getting things in the mail makes me happy =D

I'm also thinking of starting an online shop making cellphone charms, jewelry, typical thrifty asian girl things HA HA... but yeyuhh..

By the way, anyone who actually tans, would you suggest any lotion? I honestly do not burn or tan. It's sad. I have sat at the beach drenched in sun tanning OIL.... from 8 AM to 8 PM and have not gotten burnt... nor tanned.. Just the same white ass I went to the beach with... I swear I have some strange cambodian french fusion skin or something...ha ha

&& a nice peacful picture of my Hachi at the park to leave you with a happy image~~

take care lovelies~~


  1. Woe you're really talented with a brush! The painting is so lively!

    Do you mean like tanning lotion?? I use Banana boat 0spf :X it has carrot juice in it!