I look over to see my puppy.... hugging his teddy bear while sleeping... OMG cute..

Me and my bf went to China Pearl because I forget who but someone else goes there... maybe Johnson ha ha. But anyways, it SUCKED. oh my god. The service was HORRIBLE. The food was OK but still, I rather eat where the people are NICER. One lady instead of being a good little lady and pushing her dim sum cart around, stood at the table next to us, and TALKED to the people for 10 mins and would just run across the place so it looked like she was working but she would just skip tons and tons and tons of people. ANDDDD she was giving them mad free food and shit, oh my goddd, Annoying.

Then we went to the Aquarium~~ yay!! It's a lot smaller than in my memory, probably because I was 7 the last time I went ha ha. I have a million pictures of fish, sharks, turtles, and other sea creatures but I am obviously too lazy to edit them all ha ha!
I call this penguin the "VIETNAMESE" penguin because of his Bleached bangs ha ha ha. Also it's a G.... look at how it beat up the other penguin behind it

THIS WAS SO CUTE.... the seal came up and gave a kiss to the window!!! Awww so cute ^0^//

ANDD I got a Wii~~ It's fun so far but I don't have a bunch of games. I only have Wii Sports, Dokapon Kingdom, and Tenchu.... could anyone suggest some other fun games with multiplayers? I want a game that you can play with both controllers at once other than Wii sports -__-.... Dokapon kingdom is like a board game so you use one controller with many people and take turns.. BORING!

Sighhh, this vacation has been boring though, it's rained pretty much EVERYDAY except today... so I want to go on a picnic~~ Haha! Until we meet again, take care lovelies


  1. you are too cute.
    and thanks for reading my blog.

    hehehe i love penguins, i wish i could keep them as my pets lol.

    i put a review on the blush just now. its a very cute blush! i love it.

  2. AAAAAAwe your puppy is the cutest!!

    Congrats on the Wii!! Well multiplayer-wise there's Mario Kart, Wario Ware, and Smash Brothers Brawl!