Retail Therapy

Instead of celebrating today's "HOLIDAY"... I went to the mall with my bff ^__^

I decided to treat myself to a little because I totally deserve it.
Working 7 days a week and usually 12 hours a day can get a little tiring *DEAD*

I couldn't even find what brand these shoes were, it just had a CROWN logo on the base of the shoe and on the box it said "MISS AMERICA" hm...??

FOUR inch heels made of LEATHER& wood. ahhh luxurious.

This picture does not do this purse any justice.
It's freaking adorable!

I literally hated the keychain for my keys so I picked up this choooo kawaiiiiiiii stitch keychain at the disney store.

COME'ON... we never get too old for DISNEY!

Take care until Next time!!
With love, Nana*♥


  1. omg those are cute shoes... i love them .. u work 7 days a week and 12 hours a day!! that's insane!

  2. very very cute bag! stitch is soo cute! i wish i can have him as a pet like lilo haha