freebie love <3

lol.... geeky slipping glasses look..

so Saturday me and John randomly decided to go to some pho place... i think it's called pho pasteur... ANYWAYS. I haven't been there for over a year or two... and it was NASTY if you ask me personally... So waterryyy..... but they put a lot of meat !

so "i" got this scarf at H&M for john's grandma... i didn't take a pic of it but it was cute. i would have used it for myself haha... when i gave it to her it was hillarious she was all showing it off like a model... I decided I should learn some vietnamese so I can talk to her.... Cuz she stands there and talks to me for ever and I have no clue what's going on LOL... akward...

Sooo at kotobukiya i obviously had to go buy some magazines and this face wash i was looking for...
I GOT THE LAST ONE... yes!! there stock of everythin was soooo low. i hope they're not closing down or something... there was no gastby wax or barely anything left !! annoying..

i don't know why, but when i see a magazine with a freebie i just want to buy it more. i'm a pretty regular buyer of can cam magazine but i straight up just bought the sweet magazine for the cute pouch and cell charm ! (you can see them in the top right corners of the magazines) super cute!

so i came to the conclusion for winter look the knit look and fur is really popular. so i'm confident of my purchase in those boots! real leather... lol...... poor cow!! anyways..... not that i TRUELY care..... sorry......LOL... but i want to get one of those knit hats with the pom poms! my BF got this fur one.. its mad nice.... i would have that... well my Hachi-poo needs a bath!! Take care darlings.
oh yeah... btw.... check out the HOT bodykit on my friend's car. lol.

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