buns buns buns

Sooo, my boyfriend LOVES the sweet breads they use in Chinese baking. so i figured out how to make it! my recipe isn't 100% correct. i have the taste down perfect but i think i should make the bread a little more "gooey?" anyways! here are the results..

the hot dog buns were a little nasty because i got some strange turkey hot dogs instead of the regular kind? so the taste wasn't too authentic.the other ones i made had egg and ham... they were soso good! i ending up giving all the hotdog ones to people at school haha... got rid of them babies!

yesterday i went shopping with johnson and my lovee and he got me some cute boots from AE. they were SUCH a completely good deal... couldnt beleive it. they're super comfyyyy. i obviously posted this on poupee girl<3

and RIGHT NOW, i am watching east of eden, it's one of the best dramas if not the best that i have ever watched. the storyline is really good. it's deffenatly not your typical korean love story. there is a lot going on and you can never get bored in an episode for a second in my opinion! currently on episode 12.

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