New Kawaii Items ♥ ♥


Hi everyone♥
How are things?
I've been super busy with school~
I've loaded myself up with hard classes: Anatomy II, Physiology II, Microbiology, Human Growth& Development, & ENG 102 ~~
Ahhhh... Lab classes take up so much time!
And my schedule is
I have class everyday T___T

Hmmmmm....??? Well what to say??
Let's see.... !!

Happy LATE (extremely) Valetines Day& CNY!!
Did you guys get red pocket?
I didn't~~ sigghhh!! too old for things like that
But I did get a lovely lovely gift from
someone ♥

The Lizzie Necklace from Swarovski

I completely love that people always know what to get me because they know me so well!
I always have people come up to me and say, "Oh I saw this or that& it was SO you"
& what is "so me" ? Anything PINK& SPARKLY of course!

So one day at school someone threw this pink blob at my head -__-
Then I realized it was a SUPER CUTE piggy stress ball!!
I had to take him home~~
Isn't he super cute?

NEW Cell Phone Charms:

Hehe~~ I got this KON cell charm / key chain
There was a closing sale @ some movie store and I got him for only maybe around 1USD~~!!
He is from an anime called BLEACH
I don't really watch anime but I used to forced by my male friends to watch this..
I just think KON is so cute and I love his personality~
I am going to use it on my key chain!

Hopefully using this is not an invitation for otaku/anime freak to
come and bother me...

ALSO! i got this extremely cute donut cell phone charm...
& the best thing about it is that...
its scented CHOCOLATE& STRAWBERRY on the diff. sides

Thanks so much for reading my blog peoples ~~
Take care& Be well

With love, Nana*♥


  1. Wow, a SCENTED charm?? Seriously? that's so awesome! But I'd probably be perpetually hungry :]

    And I love Kon too! I need to catch up on Bleach, I stopped watching like a year ago haha.

  2. OMG I love that piggy!! I want one nao!! :D And good luck with your classes. I always had easy ones in school 'cause I had the attention span of a 2 yr old ;) ADD FTW!!

  3. I do not envy you with your classes. Going to class everyday is pretty brutal >.<

    I <3 bleach. I just don't have the patience to follow it so I'm just gonna wait till the series is complete ^-^

  4. someone hit u in the head with a pig?!
    keke fuck u are so pretty~

  5. That piggy is cute <3
    Hm sounds like you are doing your prerequisites for nursing? I remember when I had to take those classes. I loved microbiology though it is fun working with microscopes!! Hehe, and growing cultures on petri dishes. xP

  6. Booooooooo to labs! boo boo! Sounds like almost every one of those would have a lab too!? Crazy girl D: *lol

    OMG I love that v-day necklace you got!

    Scented donut cell charm?! I've never heard of them being scented and to be DOUBLE SCENTED!?! I'd be hungry for donuts 24/7 I think :P

  7. you're very pretty! thanks for commenting on my blog..

  8. hii, is your name Christina or Nana?

  9. Legally my name is Christina!

    My family calls me Nana.... I think a lot of people in my family don't know my name is Christina Ha ha ha ha

    I think a lot of Asian people in America have two names just to make things easier for their kids ha ha.

  10. hehe I meant crochet I always call it knitting for some reason >_<

    yeah I saw lots of diy crochet stuff on Japanese how to websites its really simple but it takes lots of time and patience :D

  11. Aww such cute stuff Nana!
    Btw, I MISS YOU TT___TT I need your bluntness and funniness.

  12. Oh! You're so cute in the two pictures! And the donut smells? Haha! Cute!

    I really like the necklace!

  13. The Lizzie necklace is gorgeous